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25 January 2018
Dermoster Model and Mould Preparation Videos are Online
Dermoster Model and Mould Preparation Videos are Online
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About Us


Quality in Paint, Leader in Service...

HERKIM POLYMER CHEMICAL INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. was founded in 1981 in İzmir, which is one of the most important port city and industrial centers of Turkey, with the slogan "Quality in Paint, Leader in Service". Since 1987, it has been operating in the Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, which is one of the few industrial zones of Turkey.

Our aim...

The aim is to introduce quality to the Turkish paint industry with its products, and with effective and fast technical service, HERKIM never only gives momentary but long-lasting solutions to its customers, and never compromises customer satisfaction.

We want ...

Our desire is to raise awareness among all users about both surface preparation and painting and creating a conscious consumers by helping with our wide range of technical experience.

Our Product Range ...

HERKİM, of which the main activity is Paint and Polyester production, also produces tailor made products according to customer needs and responds to customers with special demand.


  • Furniture Paint, Stains and Varnishes
  • Wood finishings
  • Special Paints

   Fire Retardant Varnishes, Metalux Paints, Pearl, etc.

  • Industry Paints

    Stoving Enamel, Industrial, HSL

  • Anticorrosive Paints

    Epoxy Paints, Polyurethane and Synthetic Paints

  • Decorative Paints



  • Unsaturated Polyester Resin

     Gel coats
     Polyester Color Pastes
     Polyester Auxiliary Materials

  • Alkyd Resin

Our capacity ...

Having an annual production capacity of 12.000 tons of paint and 4.800 tons of resin, HERKIM continues to work on its own 15,560 square meters total area-and at the 5,500 square meters closed area. In addition to direct marketing activities to the industrial consumers, it also serves to final consumer with its widespread dealer network. HERKIM is proud with its high-tech R&D and continuously develops products according to customer needs. 

Our collaborations ...

► GM Mega S.p.A - ITALYAs a result of the cooperation with GM Mega in 1996, HERKIM is mainly working with anticorrosive (ship, container, etc.) paints with an export volume of about USD 1 million per year.

► Sherwin-Williams - U.S.A.

Upon the cooperation agreement done in year 1999 with Becker Acroma, a Swedish based manufacturing facility with factories all over the world, HERKIM is dealing with production and distribution for the most distinguished products of Europe, especially furniture paints, wood finishings and stains, for Turkey and Middle East countries.

The acquisition of Becker Acroma group by American-based Sherwin-Williams in year 2010, HERKIM started to serve consumers with a stronger product group having the experience of Sherwin-Williams operating in 109 countries around the world.

Our exports  ...

Mainly exports are to Africa, India, Macedonia, Italy, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Iran, North Cyprus Turkish Republic and Saudi Arabia.

HERKIM will continue its success in the future as it is today with its professional business attitude.

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